In India, Last Magician Slum Faces Destruction

There is a place in India where magic never died. At dusk, Christmas lights ignite its buildings like starlight, and music begins a slow rhythm into the festival of towering puppets and tricks from magicians passed down through generations.

India’s last magician slum in the Kathputli Colony, outside West Delhi, is a final visage of an age of wonder and magic. Yet soon it will all be gone. The land was sold to developers, and the colony will be bulldozed for a mall. Its colorful occupants will be moved to low-income high-rises.

Filmmakers Jim Goldblum and Adam Weber, and Emmy-award winning photographer Joshua Cogan, are recording the final days of the community in their upcoming documentary, “Tomorrow We Disappear.”

“You just can’t believe what these people can do,” Goldblum said.

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