Investigative Series on New York City Comptroller John Liu

As a brief introduction, New York City comptroller John Liu, who was expected to run for mayor, is under federal investigation for his campaign finances, and one of his fund-raisers, Xing Wu Pan, was recently arrested by the FBI. The criminal complaint, according to the New York Times, states an undercover FBI agent claiming to be a businessman asked to donate $16,000 to Liu’s campaign, which exceeds the individual donation limit in NYC of $4,950. Xing Wu Pan allegedly arranged 20 fake, straw donors to hide the donations, and held a fake fundraising event for the funds. John Liu allegedly attended and was introduced to the undercover agent by Xing Wu Pan.

I did a long investigative series on John Liu back in 2009, when he was still running for comptroller. These revealed fake names on his list of donors, his relationship with a group tied to the Chinese mafia, and his ties to the Chinese communist party. Below are the stories on this:

This was a three-part series explaining the overall issue that led to my investigation. This series was cited in the 2009 Report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, regarding the Chinese regime targeting dissident groups abroad.
Part 1: Violence and Espionage in New York
Part 2: Council Member Harbors Close Ties With Chinese Communist Regime
Part 3: Chinese Consulates Use Chinese Associations to Silence Dissent

After this series, I did several other investigate pieces on Liu. They can be found below:

Fake donors for Liu’s campaign (written 2 years before the recent story by New York Times):
Omissions, Inconsistencies Found in John Liu’s Campaign Finance Disclosures
Fundraising by organizations with strong ties to Chinese Communist Party

Liu’s relations with a group tied to the Chinese mafia:
Triad-Affiliated Organization Raised $70,000 for John Liu’s Comptroller Campaign

Some of Liu’s questionable associates:
Comptroller Candidate Liu’s Shady Aides and Associates

How John Liu allegedly conspired to split the Korean vote in Flushing:
Korean Community Questions Integrity of Comptroller Candidate John Liu

The half-million dollars that went missing through John Liu:
Claim Against John Liu Asserts $350,000 Loss