‘Tetris’ Producer Describes What Makes a Game Immortal

Scientists are taking a new look at “Tetris.” A recent study from Oxford University examined how this basic geometry puzzle can relieve stress and prevent flashbacks in trauma victims.

Game developers are also studying “Tetris,” trying to determine how a game based on interlocking shapes can generate record-level sales nearly three decades after its initial release. “Tetris” has sold 130 million copies on mobile phones, and close to 15 million people play it every day on Facebook.

“The number one reason people say they play ‘Tetris’ is to relax. I think that this has something to do with it—you’re able to take your mind off of whatever you want to take your mind off of, and just enjoy being for a while,” said Henk Rogers, game developer and publisher who introduced “Tetris” to the world.

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