Anonymous Leaks 10,000 E-mails from Iranian Government

A collection of 10,365 e-mails from the Iranian government were leakedby digital activist group Anonymous Operations on June 2. According to members of Anonymous, the files were taken after the hacker accessed the Iranian Passport and Visa Office email center.

The bulk of the files are visa applications for an “oil meeting…. many from China,” according to a source, who added “it was a big raid,” and that the Iranian government has been in the process of trying to cover up the incident for the past few days.

“I have been told that they have had the site opened and closed on and off for days now,” he said. “They have been behaving erratically.”

The files consist mostly of the Iranian government alerting individuals of their visa application status. According to a member of Anonymous, the files were aimed more to damage the image of Iran in “both cyber space and the real world.”

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