Designer Revives the Letterpress Through the iPad

Amid tools and dust in a Midwestern barn rests a letter—carved and sanded with care, a remnant of a classic art now forgotten. It was not long ago that the letterpress—a tray of carved stamps—was the method for printing everything from books to billboards.

The printing method which had previously survived the test of time has begun its gradual decline, becoming yet another casualty at the dawn of the computer age. Fueled by a love of typographic art, however, Illinois-based designer John Bonadies hopes to change this through the Apple iPad.

“The iPad allows you to manipulate things with your hands and fingers, and there is that interactivity of placing and arranging elements on a surface,” Bonadies said.

“The goal that I had was not just to make that letterpress look, but rather that process where as a designer and typographer you’re able to experience the creation of typographical forms like people did 50 years ago or 30 years ago when people were still using letter presses at the end of an era,” he said.

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Image courtesy of Bonadies Creative.