Invisibility Cloaks

I interviewed a scientist in Singapore who is part of the team that invented the invisibility cloak made from calcite crystal.

You can read the full article here.

The cloak uses an optical illusion that makes the object appear invisible. It currently only works on a 2D plane though, so if you look at it from the side it is no longer invisible.

While researching the story I found some interesting stuff which I think deserve some attention here.

Another research team invented an invisibility cloak that is able to hide objects from all angles, but it only works on microscopic objects.

There are Japanese researchers making a cloak similar to that found in the “Metal Gear Solid” video game that uses optical camouflage.

While searching the term “optical camouflage” I also found a video from an Arabic media that shows what looks like a man wearing optical camouflage sneaking across the scene and hopping on a tank.

For those who are interested in digging deeper, check out the calcite cloak research here. Also check out two similar projects here and here.

Photo courtesy of Baile Zhang and George Barbastathis, SMART Centre,Singapore